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Lab Description Space, Number of Students Software used Type of
Faculty Incharge Lab outcomes
Engineering Physics 70 sq.m.
15 at a time
- Optics, Mechanics, Solid state physics, Electronics, Electricity, Magnetism related experiments Mr. Premchandar Rao, Asst. Prof Understand the concepts of physics and its practical implementation in fields of sound, optics, electronics, solid state physics, magnetism.
Engineering Chemistry 70 sq.m.
15 at a time
- Instrumentation methods, Titrimetry, Preparation, Physical property measurement, Mineral analysis Reaction Kinetics, Mr. Nagesh, Asst. prof Understand conductometric titrations, Properities of organic compounds, study of kinematics of acids..
English Communication Lab 16 systems,
15 students at a time in every session
1) HI-CLASS English
Communication Software
2) Headphones and speakers
1) Related to Communication skills Mr. K. Nagaraju, Assoc. Prof Provide basic English skills that are needed in academic environment to improve fluency in speaking, listening and responding in English clearly.