Aurora Engineering College
Aurora Temple of Learning


SANGAMA, A National Level Technical Fest

SANGAMA is the AEC's annual technical festival that is organized on a grand scale. This provides an occasion for the students to display their knowledge and innovations in the field of technology. On this occasion various technical events like paper presentation, quiz, elocution, LAN gaming etc are organized. Technical experts are invited, who apart from judging the best talent in all the activities enrich the students with their valuable inputs for the budding engineers to excel in their academic and professional lives and serve the nation.

SANSHODHANA, A National Level Project Fest


SANSHODHANA is a national-level project festival that helps the students in selecting and doing their final year projects effectively. Unlike many colleges, AEC encourages the B.Tech final year students to do the projects under the guidance and supervision of the college faculty within the college. The college has provided a project lab with internet connection exclusively for the final year students to complete the projects in time. SANSHODHANA, gives a platform for the brainstorming sessions by inviting the technical experts from both academics and industry, that enriches the students with various real time project ideas that can be successfully implemented during the process of completing the projects.

KHEL, A State Level Sports Fest


AEC believes in the principle "A sound mind in a sound body", which is the initiation for its annual sports meet KHEL. Many indoor and outdoor games are conducted that witnesses participants from various corners of the state. The promising young talents are provided with a platform to showcase their talent in sporting activities with right sporting spirit. Aurora has the tradition of recognizing, encouraging, nurturing and producing the best players not just ate state level but also at national level. Our students won accolades both at intra-college and inter-college tournaments. The students who stand first are given prizes certificates by the chief guests.

PALLAVI, A National Level Cultural Fest


One of the most awaited events of AURORA calendar is PALLAVI, the national level cultural festival. Giving the academics a day's break, the students come forward to give expressions to their creative spirits. Many events like singing, dancing, plays, ethnic wear, rangoli, mehendi etc. are organized. Students from both the sister-concerned colleges and other engineering colleges participate in these events in large number. The main event starts in the evening and goes past late night. After the speeches and distribution of prizes is ever the stage is set for the singing and dancing extravaganza. All the prize winning performances from all the activities are given a chance to display their genius once again before the huge gathering, much to the amusement of the audience, moments worth living and cherishing for a life time.

SVABHAAVA, A State Level Soft Skills Competition

Recently, the employability skills of the engineering students, precisely their soft-skills have been the subject of debate, as many organizations have been finding the students lacking in good use of communication skills. Many students, though good at their academics are losing the opportunities of their time because of their inadequate knowledge of soft skills. AEC has been trying to bridge this gap by conducting state level soft skills competitions and making the students aware of the need of these skills and helping them to fine-tune their soft skills to meet the demands of he industry.



This was one of the unique events conducted by the college to highlight the conservation of fuel resources. It was a 10K cycling camp from Bhongir town to the college to bring awareness among the people about the need to save fuel and save environment. It also stressed the need for the importance of physical activity in our daily life that makes us fit and healthy to cope up with our daily activities effectively.



KAVACH is a tailor-made program for the girl-students for self-defense. In this modern world girls are making their mark felt in all the fields competing equally with men. As part of their academics and professional life they need to travel to places. Apart from that in their personal life too they need protection from the society, which could only be possible if one is trained enough to defend oneself.As the saying goes self-defense is the best defense, AEC tries to put into practice this, making the girl children face all kind of situations that arise out of life effectively not just with their physical strength but also their psychological strength.