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Civil Engineering List of Laboratories

  • Surveying – I
  • Strength of Materials
  • Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulic Machinery
  • Engineering Geology
  • Concrete and Highway Materials
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Surveying – II
  • Computer Aided Drafting of Buildings
  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Advanced Concrete
  • CAD
  • Transportation Engineering – I
  • Transportation Engineering – II

Surveying I & II

Prior to the construction of any Civil Engineering structure, surveying of the existing topography and adjoining features such as buildings, trees etc., are essential. Moreover, the topography will not always be a flat surface but an undulating one. Thus, maintaining levels, elevations are important in the construction.

The student is exposed through these lab sessions in mapping the existing features by both traditional methods, and sophisticated and advanced equipments.

List of Major Equipments

S.No Name of The Equipment
1. Chains
2. Compass
3. Plane Table
4. Dumpy Level
5. Theodolite
6. Total Station

Engineering Geology

The study of rocks is essential as the gravel used in concrete construction is obtained by crushing of rocks. In addition, the foundations at several places would be of rocks. Also, the natural disasters such as earthquakes depend upon the rock structure.

The student is exposed through these lab sessions, observing and identifying folds and faults, crystalline structure of rocks.

S.No Specimens
1. Rocks
2. Minerals
3. Folds and Faults
4. Maps

Geotechnical Engineering

The ultimate support for any Civil Engineering structure is the soil. The study of behaviour of the soil under the action of loads is essential in successfully designing the foundation for the structures.

The student is exposed through these lab sessions, various tests being conducted on soils to evaluate its physic al properties and load bearing characteristics.

List Of Major Equipments

S.No Name Of The Equipment
1. California Bearing Ratio
2. Atterbergs Limit
3. Core Cutter
4. Tri-Axial Compression Test
5. Permeability Apparatus
6. Consolidation Apparratus
7. Vane Shear
8. Direct Shear
9. Unconfined Compression Apparatus
10. Compactor Apparatus
11. Standard Proctor Apparatus

Concrete And Highway Materials

Concrete is a widely used structural material in the construction of buildings, bridges, dams, pavements and runways. It is an artificial stone obtained by mixing coarse aggregate (gravel), fine aggregate (sand), cement and water in a certain proportion. The quality of concrete thus obtained depends upon the quality of its constituents.

The student is exposed through these lab sessions, various tests being conducted on the constituents in order to produce good quality concrete and in addition tests on bitumen used in laying roads.

List of Major Equipments

S.No Name Of The Equipment
1. Aggregate Crushing Value
2. Aggregate Impact
3. Los Angles Abrasion Test
4. Devals Attrition
5. Bitumen Penetration
6. Bitumen Ductility
7. Bitumen Softening Point
8. Bitumen Flash & Fire Point
9. Compression Testing Machine
10. Slump Cone
11. Compaction Factor
12. Non Destructive Testing (Rebound Hammer)

Environmental Engineering

The Environmental Engineering Laboratory is a state of the art, well-equipped laboratory that is able to perform most types of laboratory analyses. The laboratory can be used for both courses and research which provides students with hands-on experience in environmental analysis methods.

In the laboratory students learn different methods of analyses and tests procedures followed for testing water samples to know various properties.

List of Major Equipments

S.No Name of The Equipment
1. BOD Incubator
2. COD Incubator
3. PH Meter
4. Conductivity Meter
5. Turbidity Meter
6. Oven
7. UV Spectrophotometer

Strength of Materials Lab

This laboratory caters to the need of introducing students to practical aspects of engineering Metallurgy and the available equipment need for this purpose.

It is very important for all Mechanical Engineering students to indentify the various kinds of metals by their micro structures for which good metallurigical microscopes are available. It also involves fine polishing of surface of the metal to identify correct type of metal and micro structure. Students get knowledge on ways of identifying metals and their applications for different engineering works.

List of Equipments

S.No Name of The Equipment
1. Grinders
2. Chemicals
3. Luttens
4. Samples
5. Furnace
6. Cold setting compound die set
7. Specimen hot mounting press
8. Hand polishing stands
9. Single disk, double disk polisher Grinders
10. Microscopes
11. Rockwell hardness tester
12. Jominy end quench apparatus
13. Abrasive cut-off machine
14. Metallurgical micro scope with CCD software camera.

Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulic Machinery

This is very important for Mechanical , Civil and Electrical Engineering students. This gives wide knowledge about practical aspects of Fluid Mechanics related systems working of

Hydraulic principle. This laboratory also includes Hydraulic Machines like Turbines and Pumps, for hydraulic power production and utilization. Students will get through knowledge on production of hydro electricity from various kinds of turbines.

List of Equipments

S.No Name of The Equipment
1. Pelton wheel turbine
2. Francis turbine
3. Kalpan turbine
4. Centrifugal pump Test Rig
5. Multi Stage Centrifugal Pump
6. Reciprocating pump Test Rig
7. Venturi meter
8. Orifice meter set-up
9. Pipe Line Assembly for Determination of head losses and friction
10. Bernoullix Apparatus
11. Impactof Jet on Vanes
12. Notch calibration set-up

Computer Aided Drafting of Building

This is an important laboratory for Mechanical and Civil Engineering students and is a part of design stream. The modeling of the component and analysis in various fields of Mechanical Engineering are done in this laboratory. Available software packages like AutoCad, Pro-Engineer, CATIA, Ansys – CFD packages are used for design and development of models and subsequently for analysis.

This laboratory is also equipped with XL TURN and XL MILL CNC Machines. Students are extensively trained in the use of these packages for engineering applications.

List of Equipments

S.No Name of The Equipment
1. X L TURN CNC Machine
2. X L MILL CNC Machine