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Humanities and Sciences Department Profile


The Department of Science and Humanities is pivotal for Engineering Education. Students learn the basics of science engineering, which are essential for further studies. The Department was started from the inception of the college. Its objective is to provide value-based education to the budding scientists and engineers.

The Department comprises of four branches of study, namely Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and English. All these four disciplines exist as separate divisions and maintain individual identity. Well-experienced and highly qualified faculty members of the department have made consistent and strenuous efforts to the students to improve their learning and research & development processes. The Department is actively involving in the early development of students’ personality, communication and soft skills to boast them in the modern and globally competitive environment.

The unique strength of the department is the excellent coordination in carrying out the academic responsibilities. The department has a separate block which includes state-of-the-art laboratories and advanced library facilities.

Hod's Message

It gives me pride and pleasure to introduce the Department and its website and I hope you will enjoy exploring our contributions in such areas as Physics, Mathematics, English, Chemistry, and Environmental Science.

Basic Sciences and Humanities department aims to provide a comprehensive knowledge of Mathematics, Engineering Physics, Chemistry and English communication skills to the engineering students. The courses offered by the department cover about one fourth of the Engineering Curriculum. The department strives to enrich the students’ understanding towards the subjects with a view to helping them in encountering practical problems in their engineering careers. There is an emphasis on motivating the concepts with the aid of good examples and exercises, keeping a balance between applications and the basic principles behind them. To inculcate quality education highly qualified permanent and visiting faculty is employed by the College.

Thanks to the efforts of our researchers and teachers, and our students too, we continue to play a leading role in our discipline, both nationally and internationally.