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  • Karthikeya Vecham

    CSE Dept.

    I Karthikeya Vecham is from a place called Dharmavaram in Anantapur dist. Coming from a normal private school background to city like Hyderabad It was little difficult for me to adjust my life style. Two years of my Intermediate education was completely with in a building. The day I started my graduation is the day I had seen what life is. I feel lucky to get into a college like Aurora. 10/09/2009 is the day I joined Aurora, and I think it is the day drafting of my life style was started. Truly, I strongly believe that, it is because of Great faculty of Aurora my Life had set Improving Logical thinking and I am technically strong today and got placed at Infosys Technologies with my first attempt only because of them. I take this opportunity to thank all staff of Aurora for all the support and motivation.

    Thanks & Regards,


  • Jayanth Kumar

    ECE Dept.

    May be it's not a success story but, my studies in AEC is one of the most deciding part of my life, in specific the main reason behind what I am now. It all started from my parents dreams. They somehow had a strong & blind faith on me. I made an effort, to clear IIT examination in my 12th class, but unable to crack. Undoubtedly, it was due to my irresponsible behavior. I was such a stupid then. On no occasion, I was concerned about the efforts my parents were putting together, to make me excel in my career. It was certainly more than their capability. By the time, I recognize their efforts, time has been short. Best part was that, those days gave me an opportunity to feel awesome lectures from the college faculty, which seeded interest towards engineering.

    Later I have joined AEC to pursue my B.Tech (ECE) . At initial stages of my graduation, I was involved deeply in compensating my earlier failure. I was pragmatic in my 1st year. Bottom-line, I realized after an rest in aurora is that it has very good resources in and around the college which can give me a second chance, this time through GATE. Professors like K.V.Srinivas Rao sir and many others gave me a ray of hope. Initiated my preparation, with GATE examination in my mind. KVS sir, who can actually explain doubts from any subject, became a very big resource. During my third year I have joined GATE coaching and attempted exam in my final year. Eventually secured AIR : 250.

    It’s in fact not a great rank to shot IIT's. Post results I was in hunt for IIT's, but never thought about a way into IISC. It was beyond my dreams. Applied IISC in ambitious category, along with IIT's. Received a call for written test and interview (only if written test is cleared). IISC call dates collided with mid exams in college. It was a tough time and I was baffled. As an attempt, met principal and explained him entire scenario. He stated that he won’t take the decision alone, but in favor, he proposed my request before the panel, sometime later that day and took the decision based on the collective response. Fortunately, all lecturers supported me and I was on cloud9. I can't forget that day and that support from my beloved lecturers. How can I thank them? That was an inter departmental meeting and every lecturer from different departments are keen about supporting a student. Such a supportive faculty they were. I turned up at IISC written test and cleared interview too. Words become less, when I start describing my life in IISC. Interaction with many great scholars and volumes of knowledge in IISC will just blow one's mind. It was such a fine and skillful learning experience.

    Now I work for Texas Instruments as an Analog chip design engineer. The thought that I could reach my parents dream make me immensely happy, concludes my story as a successful one.

    Thanks & Regards,

    Jayanth Kumar