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Minutes of Meeting


Date : 07-07-2017

Ref.No: AEC/IQAC/2017-18/___________/02

Minutes of the IQAC Meeting held on 07-07-2017 from 10.00 am to 01.00pm

Members Present:

S. No Name Designation Role
1 Dr. T.R.Chaudhary Principal Chairperson
2 Mr. K. Chandra Sekhar Vice-Principal Coordinator
3 Dr. U.M. Choudary Dean - Academics Secretary
4 Dr. Ramesh B Nimmatoori Secretary Member
5 Dr. K.S. Raghavan Ex-AGM BHEL, Discipline chief-Infotech Services Member
6 Mr. Ajay Takher Operation Head, PEPSICO Member
7 Dr. B. Lakshamana Swamy HoD, ME Member
8 Ms. K. Vidya HoD, CSE Member
9 Mr. R. Sravan HoD, ECE Member
10 Mr. G.V.S.S.N Sarma HoD, EEE Member
11 Ms. T Divya Bhavana HoD, CE Member
12 Dr. K. Nagaraju HoD, H&S Member
13 Ms. Dhanalakshmi Librarian Member
14 Mr. V. Siddulu Administrative Officer Member
15 Mr. Ravindra Physical Director Member
16 Mr. Mahesh Anil Alumnus Member
17 Mr. Anirudh Alumnus Member
18 Mr. K Dinesh Reddy Student Member


  • Establishment of IQAC Cell
  • Introduction of IQAC committee members and role
  • Quality improvement initiatives
  • Any other


The following points were discussed in the meeting:

  • The Director welcomed the members of the IQAC committee. The composition of the IQAC was presented and approved by the Secretary.
  • The functions and the role of IQAC in improving the quality of academics were briefed.
  • Orientation course and effective diagnostic test were suggested to analyze the capabilities of the students and enhance the basic technical skills of the students.
  • Motivation of faculty and students towards extension activities for the benefit of the society has been highlighted. It was proposed to conduct environmental awareness programmes at National level.
  • The importance of e-learning has been discussed and proposed to establish NPTEL local chapter.
  • Awareness regarding anti-ragging to be stressed among faculty and the students.
  • Faculty members to be encouraged for using ITL methods in teaching.
  • Campus recruitment training to be conducted for the final year students to improve the placements.
  • Linkages and collaborations to be established with industry and organizations.
  • Secretary informed that the institution should prepare the documentation needed to apply for NAAC accreditation