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Department of Civil Engineering

The word Civil refers ‘pertaining to community’. Right from the start of the human civilization, the basic needs of human society were shelter, water and sewage, channels of transportation, bridges and towers.Today with the advancement of technology, the main objective of Civil Engineering is to produce Civil Engineers who can provide comfortable living to the community by constructing buildings, drinking water system, sewage disposal and treatment, bridges, dams, irrigation structures, roads and rails, towers in the broad sense.

The Department of Civil Engineering strives to impart the knowledge to the graduates through the University curriculum covered in the form of classroom lectures, lab sessions and additional skills in the latest Civil Engineering software so that the graduates are competent enough and are employable with the current market requirement.The department was started with this vision in the year 2010 and currently runs B. Tech course and M. Tech course with specializations in Structural Engineering and Transportation Engineering.

The Department has faculty graduated from India and abroad and having varied experience in teaching and industry. The laboratories of the department are well established to carry out the experiments as per the syllabus and beyond the syllabus. The department has a policy of encouraging the students to carry out in-house projects to get hands-on experience on how to approach at a project and do analysis, design and detailing.

The department though started with humble beginning strives to achieve the status on par with excellence as regards to the quality of engineers being graduated and the research areas being focused on.