Aurora Engineering College
Aurora Temple of Learning


The following is the list of cells presently functioning in the college.

1 Publications Cell (Incoordination with PRO) Mr.Nagaraju, H&S, Ms. Padmavathi, H&S
2 Student Attendance Monitoring Cell ECE - R Sravan Kumar
3 E-Learning Cell Mr.M.Suresh Babu,CSE, Mr.K.Hanmanth Rao,CSE
4 Exams Cell Mr. C Pramod Kumar, ECE, Mr. Premchandar Rao, H&S, Mr. Upendar, CSE
5 Career Development Cell Dr. M C Ajay Kumar, H&S
6 Training and Placements Cell Mr. GVSSNS Sarma, EEE,
7 Research and Development Cell Dr. A Rajamani, ME, Dr. Laxman Swamy,ME
8 Extension Activities Cell ( NSS, Etc..) Mr. C Pramod, ECE, Mr. N Balakrishna, ME
9 Women Empowerment Cell Ms. Mallikarani, H&S
10 Grievance Redressal Cell Ms.ViJayasree, ME, Ms. P.Julie Rao,H&S
11 Industry Institute Interaction Cell Prof. SK Chandra,ME
12 Entrepreneurship Development Cell Dr. T.R Chaudhary